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Cavalier Blenheim litter
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Cavalier Blenheim and Tricolour litter

Welcome to my website! I am a small breeder of Canadian Kennel Club(CKC) registered Cavalier King Charles Spaniels located in the Edmonton area, Alberta, Canada. Our world revolves around our Cavaliers, with the help of my husband and kids I am dedicated to caring for our Cavaliers and their puppies full time.

We LOVE when we are able to have a litter especially when a special puppy is born for us to hold back for ourselves. We breed to the CKC standard located HERE and love to be able to share this amazing breed with others wanting to add a Cavalier to their family. 


Our breeding age dogs have the following health testing: Hip xray, Eyes, Heart and patella testing through our vets and specialists at testing events. We do genetic testing through Paw Print Genetics or Gensol. We are proud to produce healthy, beautiful puppies and hope to have a few litters in 2024.

We do Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and follow the Puppy Culture program which helps to create smarter, easier to train, confident puppies. 
Puppies start using the litter tray to potty at 3 weeks old and, weather permitted, are going outdoors by 7 weeks to help facilitate potty training when they go to their new homes at 9/10 weeks old.

Puppies will be used to sleeping in a crate, vehicles rides, wearing a collar and grooming.

At 8 weeks they will have a thorough vet exam, be microchipped and vaccinated. We have a delayed spay/neuter contract and a 2 year health and genetic guarantee. Puppies are sent home with food, leash and collar with toys and blanket smelling like mom and litter mates.

Our pet puppies (limited CKC registration) are priced at $4000CND approx. $3000US. For those requesting full registration please message me to discuss the agreement.  

If you are interested in being a part of our breeding program to help produce the next generation of Cavaliers, with a focus on improving the health and longevity of this wonderful breed, I will be looking for "guardian" homes for puppies in the future. If you live near us (preferably within 30-40minutes of Stony Plain) and willing to keep a puppy intact please message me.

For those wanting to meet Cavaliers to help decide if they are the right breed for them, we recommend attending a Conformation show. Nearby shows can be found on

We do facetime visits to see our home and meet us and our Cavaliers but are not currently allowing home visits until after puppies are 8 weeks old. Delivery to the Edmonton airport is available if you are flying to come get your puppy and I am able to fly to meet or deliver myself on certain flights. 

Please fill out the questionnaire on the Contact Page to be added to our list for future litters 
For any questions please email:

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                                                                                                                      Thanks, Carissa

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