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Guardian Home Program

Are Cavaliers your dream breed? We are looking for homes near us who would like to add a Cavalier to their family for no adoption fee. What's the catch? They need to stay intact so their amazing genes can be passed to next generation. The closer you are to Stony Plain the better!

Benefits of being a Guardian Home: 

- You get a free puppy! Our puppies are normally $4000 and we do not ask for an upfront fee for our puppies or adults. 

- You get the best dog or puppy, we keep back the best puppies for ourselves and Guardian homes. Our puppies are all from genetically tested and OFA health tested parents with wonderful temperaments.

- When they come back to us for breeding or to have a litter you have the freedom to go on vacation and have free boarding for your dog and get them back fully groomed

- All regular vetting is covered, required vaccines, all health testing and any deworming/flea/tick meds that may be needed. 

Requirements for Guardian Homes

- Males need to come back to us for health testing, OFA eyes, heart, patella and hip xrays and the occasional date with girls

- Females need to come back for testing, every heat cycle, approximately every 6 to 8 months, and to have the occasional litter, a maximum of 4 litters.  They are spayed by 6 years old and remain your dog. 

- We ask that whether you get a puppy or adult that you take them to force free obedience classes, this helps to create a bond with your new dog

- Must have no other intact dogs of the opposite sex in your home. 


This Guardian Program allows our Cavaliers to not have to live with 10 other dogs or live in a kennel setup. They love to live in homes where they can get all the love and one on one attention. To review the agreement and find out which adults/puppies are available to Guardian Homes please fill out the form below: 

Guardian Home Request 

Thanks for submitting!

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