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Mountainview Enchanting Contessa

Tessa is out of Willowlakes Miss Jessie  by GCH Sigma Chi's Daydream Believer "Charlie"  

Born March 11, 2019

She is the most beautiful Tricolour girl and quite the character! Tessa is very playful but when she's tired she is the most affectionate girl, my snuggle buddy on cold days and suntanning buddy in the summer.

Link to Picture Pedigree:

Tessa has had hips xrayed, patella, heart and eye exams done.

OFA Testing: click here

Genetic Testing: Clear for EFS, CCDE

Tessa will take a break and have her next litter Fall 2023

Milla 6.jpg

Mountainview The Fourth Kind " Milla"

A huge thank you to Mountainview Cavaliers! 

Milla is out of  CH Sigma Chi Sophie  by GCH Sigma Chi Jose at Mingchen

Born September 22, 2019

Milla was our 4th Cavalier also a Blenheim, our fourth colour of Cavalier to add to our home. She is such a little doll! Our calmest and most laid back Cavalier

Link to Picture Pedigree:

OFA Health Testing: click here

Genetic Testing: Clear for CCDE and EFS

Milla's next litter will hopefully arrive Spring 2023


Mountainview's  litter of 9! They all look nearly identical, hard to see which ones Eli & Milla are!

Mountainview Puppies.jpg

Mountainview Hide Your Heart Girls "Eli"

Born September 22, 2019

Eli is Milla's litter mate, he is so incredibly sweet and affectionate, he loves to have all the love and thankfully, with his long beautiful coat he enjoys being groomed. Eli is now standing at stud, both live cover, side by side ai or shipped semen, his stud fee is $1500.

Link to Picture Pedigree:

OFA Health Testing: click here

Genetic Testing: Clear for CCDE and EFS

Eli & Milla's Sire and Dam

Sigma Chia Jose.jpg
Sigma Chi Sophie at Mostyn.jpg
Diva 1.jpg
Diva 3.jpg
Diva 2.jpg
Diva 4.jpg

Enchanting Tail's White Chocolate "Godiva"

Born February 14, 2020.

Diva is a very special puppy, named after my favourite liqueur. She had a very large brother in utero and her mama Birdie could not deliver him naturally, before the vets were able to get him out Birdie went into shock and died under anesthesia. They were able to get Diva out fast and save her for us, our little miracle baby. I bottle fed her every 2 hours for 3 weeks, she needed to be burped and pottied until she could eat solids and go potty on her own.  She is a very spoiled little Diva and is treated like the royalty she is. Her sire and dam are pictured below. 

Link To Picture Pedigree:  click here

OFA Health testing: click here

Genetic Testing: Clear for CCDE, EFS

Diva had her first litter Summer 2022

Birdie 2.jpg
Diva sire 2.jpg
Diva's Sire.jpg
3 DSC_1083.JPG
1 DSC_1106.JPG
Romeo 3.jpg

Enchanting Tail's Loverboy "Romeo"

Born July 14, 2021. 

Romeo came to us from the US from AH Cavaliers. I admired the heart healthy lines for a long time. Both of his grandsires are heart clear over 9 years old. ​Romeo is the sweetest boy, happy go lucky temperament and loves all people and animals. 

Link To Picture Pedigree:  click here

OFA Health testing: click here     *hips and eyes will be added soon

Genetic Testing: Carrier for CCDE (not affected), clear for EFS

Pink Girl.jpg

Our past sire and dams, living their best lives with their forever families: 

Enchanting Tail's Pink Whitney "Whitney"

Little Whitney is one of our keeper girls from our Zoey. Named after one of my favourite drinks, she is a little spitfire! The smallest and wildest of her litter and perfect in every way. She is fearless and has so much personality! Whitney had a beautiful litter with Eli and we kept back a keeper girl, Bellini. Whitney is now living her best life with good friends going on lots of adventures!

Link to Picture Pedigree:

Sundara's Pride and Zoy "Zoey"

Cassis 2.jpg
Cassis 1_edited.jpg
Chance 2.jpg
Chance 3.jpg

Zoey comes from Hurricane Cavaliers in Arizona, she was imported by our friends at Sundara Cavaliers in SK. We are very fortunate to add Zo Zo to our breeding program, she has been a fantastic mama. Zoey is healthy, energetic and just has the most amazing loving temperament!

~ CKC & AKC Registered

~ Black & Tan wholecolour does not carry white or red so she will always have black & tan puppies

~ 12" - 15lbs

~ Scissor bite

Link to Picture Pedigree: click here

OFA Testing: click here    

Genetic Testing: Paw Print Genetics

EFS: Carrier/Non Affected CC/DE:Clear 

Enchanting Tail's Creme De Cassis 

Cassis is out of Sundara's Pride and Zoy "Zoey"

by Cragland's Storyteller "Telle"

Our first keeper girl and we couldn't be happier with how she has  matured. Cassis has a long flowing coat and has the sweetest most calm temperament.

Link to Picture Pedigree:


Tallygold's Endearing Adventure "Chance" 

Reference sire

Chance is out of Endearings Tallygold Sage "Poppi" by

CH Embee’s Tasmanian Night "Taz" 

Link to Picture Pedigree:

Chance passed all of his testing with flying colours, Good Hips, Normal Eyes, Heart and Patellas OFA results

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