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We wean our puppies to raw and they love goats milk as well. I get them used to kibble for homes that do not want to feed raw. 
These are our main Raw suppliers:

Dehydrated Raw: 
Stella and Chewy

The kibble is Purina Pro Plan Sport, all stages or Puppy 

Our adults and puppies all are given NuVet plus as a daily supplement and our expecting and nursing mamas are given 2 wafers a day. 
For seniors I recommend Nujoint Plus
To order in Canada please call 1-800-474-7044 Code #74079
For more information please visit

Puppy Supplies: 
This page features all of our favourite essentials and accessories that a puppy will need
 36" Crate
Crate Pad

Xpen 40" high

Pee pad holder with grate

Ceramic Dog Bowl

For Toys we like Chuck It and Kong, both are pretty durable brands and found on Amazon too

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